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2nd December 2012

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If anyone has pictures of Pinoe laughing at the net and giving a thumbs up from the end of the open practice in Glendale, I wanna see it! She’s laughing at me.

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18th September 2012

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Pinoe doing who knows what.

Pinoe doing who knows what.

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17th September 2012

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Pinoe and Walshy 

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2nd June 2012

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27th March 2012

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Love her

lol she chews gum so lady like 

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21st August 2011

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HQ Keep Calm Posters

They are all done! 

Click the links below to download the posters for that player, they are numbered 1,2,3,4 (ex. pinoe1, hope1, etc.) all this is, is the size of the poster. I went off the poster sizes on 

1 - 2700x1800

2 - 1800x1440

3 - 1620x1080

4 - 1260x990

Snapfish says that the larger one, size 1, isnt big enough to make a clear poster but I used their measurements, so idk. I saved the posters horizontally. but really you can just flip them. again I am NOT selling these. I just made them and are making them available to you. if you want to print these then thats your thing. AND do not ask me to remove the tag because I wont do it.












and if you want to download all of them at once

All Keep Calm

there are subtle differences between these and the originals so i hope you like em! :)


edit: fixed the cheney link!

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